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Martine Botquin – French guide to visit Venice – Venezia

Fondamenta S. Girolamo, 2954 A, 30122 Venezia VE

Language translator to visit Venice well

Venice is one of the most popular cities in the world. Few things like the gondola rides between the canals, the historic buildings of the Serenissima and the renowned academies are recognized as a symbol of Italian excellence in the world.
If you are looking for a language translator to visit Venice well, Martine Botquin is the perfect choice with decades of proven experience as a translator and guide, and a knowledge of the city and its history.
Upon reservation, he will welcome customers from their arrival at Piazzale Roma airport and accompany them to their hotel.
The activities for which you can request the presence of the translator are boat tours, bike ride to visit even the most unusual and less known corners of the city as well as the most famous museums, churches and exhibitions. Martine Botquin is a language translator to visit Venice well because she is in particular a connoisseur of the history of the Biennale and of the main programs of the famous concert halls and theaters of the city such as La Fenice Theatre their cultural and artistic events.
On request he also takes care of shopping in the city instead of customers.

French guide to visit Venice

Venice is a city that hides alleys and places of inestimable beauty. For this reason, those who come from France and want to discover its hidden secrets, can take advantage of the service of the French guide to visit Venice. The guide is called Martine Botquin and creates tailor-made itineraries for small groups. Thanks to the French guide to visit Venice you can discover the most important canals of the city, but also those less popular and tourist, up to the squares and places less touristy, frequented by the locals. Martine Botquin speaks both Italian and French well, to guarantee travellers a high quality service and give them a memory of Venice that will not flow easily. With this guide you will have the opportunity to make several excursions, stops for lunch or dinner, shopping and many photos in the most beautiful places of the city.

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